Acupuncture and Beyond

Mary incorporates all three styles of Acupuncture with Traditional Chinese medicine modalities (Cupping, Guasha, Moxibustion), electric stimulation, essential oils, and breathwork to create a truly personalized and integrative experience.


Cupping is a technique often combined with acupuncture during treatment. It involves the placement of either glass or plastic cups that create a vacuum like suction on the skin. In response to the suction, the superficial layers of connective tissue are prompted to release tension and promote flow of blood and oxygen to the area. Cupping can be useful for promoting circulation, decreasing stiffness and removing accumulated toxins that can contribute to muscle pain. It is also highly effective in treating colds and allergies.  Cupping is not painful and may feel similar to a deep massage (in certain areas).  It may leave circular marks, which will fade after a few days.


Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy that is used during acupuncture treatments. Moxa (the herb mugwort) is delicately placed on certain areas of the body, over a protective coat of ointment and burned.
It is revered for its capabilities to induce a warming response or further stimulate acupuncture points, hence increasing circulation.

Moxibustion is also used to treat a variety of symptoms, some include:

·      Boosting the immune system
·      Promoting digestive function
·      Gynecological issues & infertility
·      Stiff joints / Arthritis
·      Poor circulation and cold limbs


Guasha is an ancient therapy that involves scraping the skin with a smooth massage tool to increase circulation. Its application activates microcirculation of the soft tissues, causing an increase in blood flow.  This restoration of blood flow pushes out the pain-inducing toxic accumulation and supplies oxygen rich blood to the area, so that tissue healing can occur. When indicated guasha can be a tremendous tool for working through congested areas in the body that manifest in muscle aches and pain. Guasha may leave petechiae and bruising, which will disappear within a few days.

Electrical Stimulation

EA (Electrical Acupuncture) works in conjunction with a traditional acupuncture treatment and is used to emit pulsating electrical currents to the acupuncture needle. A small electrode is attached to the needle and provides consistent stimulation to the area. This perpetual motion created causes the muscle to fatigue till it loses its resistance and is forced to relax. This painless technique induces an analgesic effect and promotes tissue repair, which can be very useful for pain, soft-tissue injury/inflammation, muscle spasm, atrophy, paralysis and nerve dysfunction.